Green Cable Knit sweater by Martin Margiela Pre Fall 2015 Hey there Hi there Ho there! Yes fellow YUMSTERS, it has been a loooooong while and the irony of EVERYDAY YUM is not lost on yours truly. Jonny and I moved on from sunny and sweaty South Florida, as our time was up, and we plopped down in the teeny tiny spa town of Calistoga, smack dab in the Napa Valley. Land of grapes and geysers. Scents of clean bay, sweet jasmine and deep eucalyptus toss around your nostrils as you while your days through vineyards and wee organic farm stands. It is idyllic. When the crush happens in October, the valley is drowned in the aroma of hot, sugary, blueberry pop tarts. The mustard flowers grow acid yellow come winter and the hills are covered in bright, day-glo, matcha green baby grasses thanks to the winter showers. That green tea hue is, in fact, the inspiration of this YUM. I whipped up a Dandelion Greens pesto for dinner one night and it really did the trick. Raw and righteous, it is the perfect pick-me-up for the chilly shorter days. Toss it with pasta or use as a dip or a bed for eggy wegs. Mix it with rice for a gluten-free yum. It is REALLY QUITE AMAZING! Onwards…here is a shot of Jon with the young, under-age grass. No this ain’t Napa, it’s gorgeous Point Reyes Station. All of California seems to be dusted in this crazy color and I like that just fine!

1228141506bRAW AND RIGHTEOUS DANDELION GREENS PESTO PRESTO! (serves 4) 1 bunch Dandelion Greens…local and organic natch. 11 cloves garlic or less if you dig vampires a pinch of sea salt to taste Juice of 1 lemon 1/4 cup olive oil 1/5 cup water (or as much as you need to get that classic pesto-licious consistency) 11 roasted and salted mac nuts (so OK SUE ME it’s not entirely RAW…whateves) 1/4 cup RAW pumpkin seeds (I use GO RAW exclusively…raw and sprouted and all that hippy crap) Add everything except the wah wah to your Vitamix Blender. Whir for 5 seconds. Add half the wah wah. Whir for 5 seconds. Push it all down with a big old wooden spoon or that weird black pusher thing that comes with the Vitamix. Whir, add wah, whir, add wah. When it looks like pesto and tastes like pesto, VOILA IT IS PESTO! Toss with pasta of your choice. I did farro twirlies…I think that is the correct Italian name. Top with red pepper if you are a spicy meatball and enjoy! I like this with SEXUAL CHOCOLATE by SLO DOWN WINES, my fave red in California. Not exclusively a Napa wine, it’s a concoction of grapes from Sonoma, Santa Barbara and good ol’ Napa (50% Syrah, 40% Zinfandel, 8% Petit Sirah and 2% Petit Verdot). SUPER DUPER YUM as the wine snobs like to say! LIVE LOVE LAFF EXPLORE and EAT YO GREENS! XO