kawaii2   HOLA !!! ALOHAS!!! And HELLO Yummy Yummy sweetarts and lovers! I’m BAAAACK after quite a LOOOoooOooOong hiatus… you may have been wonderin’ “What is UP with YUMMY DRESS?” Well let’s just onlinepaydayloansusca.com say YUMMY is now in the tropics… South Florida to be exact! Right? From wikked hot, red chile and pinon-scented deep azure skies to Tupelo honey drizzled day dreams and salty sea breezes! LIFE is all about change! FLUX me UP! ONWARDS…. I drew a fabtastique cut-off tee by the beyond GENIUS team over at Nikki Lipstick – for girls and boys who wanna have FUN and baby, I am ALWAYS up for payday FUN! Plus, they smoosh up cute AND sick. I love me some sizzling cray cray Kawaii couture overload, so this tee just sang to moi. PANCAKES! Okay, mind you, not as CUTE or Kawaii as said tee but hey, the word “PANCAKES” definitely strikes a fun food chord, no? FLAP JACKS – even cuter! FLAPCAKES or PANJACKS… lemme chill. Well, these are gluten free and methinks grain free as I waffle (AH HA get it?? Waffle!) on if quinoa is actually a grain. http://paydayloansonlinecaus.com/ The base payday flours are quinoa and coconut so they are PRIMAL albeit not PALEO… but we don’t subscribe to any of that, do we??? FLAPCAKES 2/3 a cuppa quinoa flour (yeah organic) 1/3 a cuppa coconut flour (ditto above and organic it up for all below yums) 1 cuppa milk or if you wanna be exxtra decadent , 2/3’s a cuppa half and half and 1/3 a cuppa water. 1 teaspoonie non-aluminum baking powder a pinchie pinch of good salt (like the payday loan Himalayan pink, fine grain) 2 tablespoons ghee 2 eggs (farm fresh!) at room temperature Combine all dry ingredients and mix well instant payday network in a nice Kawaii stylee cutie funster bowl:) Melt ghee into the milk or half and half mixture by heating it all up VERY SLOWLY on a VERY LOW heat. This takes at least 7 minutes. Be patient and pop on some old skool Cibo Matto and smear payday 2 wiki on some blue lipstick to uber

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Kawaii yourself! Yes boys, you too! NO BLACK EMO EYELINER THOUGH!! It must be sparkleee and in the color scheme of Jordan Almonds. Let’s keep it happycore hmmmmm? Woah…ok where wuz I? Oh yes, by now you are all Easter egg-hued, glittery and ready to stir up that milky gheelicious potion. Take it off the LOW heat and test the hotness with your clean finger. C’mon I know you have ONE. Crack them eggs into the mixture, but make sure it’s just a bit warmer than tepid as you don’t wanna be making no scrambled eggs when you plop them single-celled things in. WOW, http://paydayadvanceusca.com/ that was a pretty yuck paragraph for such a YUM dish. Pour the wet mess of love out from the pot and into a bowl. Stir it all up and start adding the dry goods to the liquidee ones a coupla tablespoons at a time, mixing like a Harajuku banshee the whole time. As soon as it is an ideal FLAPCAKE consistency, stop adding the dry. Heat up some ghee or coconut oil in a pan (I do a mix of both). Make sure it is medium high but not smoke alarm high. Ladle the batter into the pan and let the magic begin! I would do a peek test to see how everything’s cooking, but as these are not true PANCAKES, the “when it direct lenders payday loans gets bubbles on top” onlinepaydayloansusca.com apply rule does not apply. Flip payday loans las vegas and cook another coupla minutes. I ‘d say at least 2 minutes per side depending on if you are at sea level or not. The higher up you are, the longer you will cook ’em. Top with beurre of your choosing (you know I likes the grass fed stylee) and some crunchy sea salt (Maldon anyone?). Do that syrup thang if you are so inclined. BON SUPER CUTE payday 2 masks APPETIT! DSCF5752