THE BECKERMANS!!!!! The twin sisters have styled themselves as they do daily, and it inspired the above portrait… Here’s what they are sportin’! ON CAILLIANNE (left): Rodarte leather fringe vest -Mickey Mouse H&M leggin’s –Balenciaga bag and shoes –Starbucks grande green tea with matcha and soy on ice ON SAMANTHA (right): -sequined Marc Jacobs Mickey Mouse sweatshirt –Balenciaga blouse (silver-tipped underneath) -plastic Marc Jacobs garbage bag skirt -white Marques Almeida shoes –Proenza bag -vintage pearl sunnies (model’s own) Challo fellow holiday yum yum pals. For this YUMMY DRESS, I drew 2 of my FAVE style Icons, Caillianne and Samantha Beckerman, of the payday loan infamous BECKERMANS!!! Yes, you in the “know” know exactly who I am speaking of, and those who do not, get ready for a taste of pure, original, gorgeous, inspired genius. I peeped my first Beckermans piece back in 2004 and knew I had to draw it for PAPER MAGAZINE. It was a delightful confection of a dress. Yes, how many times have you heard fashion folks say “CONFECTION?” But this time it really was an apt description. The dress was like a party of pom-poms and color, all cut with precision so it never looked costumey or garish, just scrumdillicious and brillz. A hard feat! So I drew it, and when it went to press, I called ’em up and told them about it and BOOM BABY, a great friendship was born. I have followed them since and even though they have retired from showing, they are styling and blogging like champs!!! They started an online fashion blog in 2009 called Beckerman Blog, a daily hit of best payday loans their style avec them hosting red carpet events, Fashion Week coverage, and working with huge houses doing collabos. From being flown to Paris to cover Isabel Marant for H&M to being full-on H&M ambassadors, they have hosted countless events and blogged for the rad brand. They have also live-hosted the 2013 Much Music Video Awards (hey, they are from Toronto!), promoted countless charity projects (can you say Stop Hunger campaign with Michael Kors, Bulgari’s Save The Children, and Ralph Lauren’s Pink Pony T-shirt Campaign with Ralph Lauren himself?), and spread the LOVE and STYLE thick like butter on hot crunchy toast. There is SO MUCH MORE to mench!!! From DVF to Nine West, from Rebecca Minkoff to Maison Martin Margiela, they have been a part of it all, even squeezing in time for a custom Beckermans T-shirt and bag line for Uniqlo (the MAKE UP MONSTER and POPCORN MONSTER TEEs ARE AMAZE!!!). These girls are young, supremely talented, fabulously hard-working, and wikked fun-loving. I do indeed LOVE THE BECKERMANS and

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find magic, these ladies are steeped in it. Pure and simple, joy and day-glo rainbows. Golden locks and debit card payday loans cherry lips are de riguer for these chocolate luvin blondes! HEY, now that’s a segue if I ever heard one! I told Sam and Cailli about the idea of a Chocolate Omelette to go with their portrait. They both gushed YES as we are all chocoholics payday loans (moi aussi). The idea of the Chocolate Omelette came alive when my honey Jon said, hey what about a chocolate omelette? Can you make it? I was titillated, my synapses firing on overdrive… I said YES. Lemme just mull it over for payday 2 hacks a day. Then like a blitzkrieg of fire and electricity, I had it! 100% dark chocolate and rich creamy cheese – that way it wouldn’t be cloying or nauseating. I menched this recipe to 4 people. 2 were repulsed and 2 totally got it. They understood the relationship of eggy wegs and rich cocoa-love, enrobed in a cheesy kiss. Very pan au chocolat sans the pan. But as with most great artists, I too, want, need, desire polarization. So LOVE IT or HATE it…HERE it COMES!!! THE CHOCOLATE OMELETTE!!!! (hold appaluse until the end of the show) DSCF3566 The cast is simple albeit talented. The rich fresh milk was backstage primping with the ghee and missed this photo op…but they are in the show. It’s just 100% dark chocolate from France… I would recommend only Francois Pralus. Real cream overdose mouth feel, and that’s sayin’ mucho for 100% choco, baby. No grit, all love. I used about 1 oz. (about 1/3 of a bar). And I got WAY BUZZED. Cut back if you are not a chocoholic. 3 eggs (good ones from your neighbors chickens and at room temp or close to) 1/4 cup of grass fed fresh WHOLE FAT milk. I dig Kalona SuperNatural brand. RAW Boorenkaas cheese from Holland… the Dutch get it. Or any good melty-mild but not tangy cheese. I used a coupla oz. Remember, with an omelette, it’s payday loans in las vegas like a painting – you decide the amount you desire. Ghee! Oh yes, cook this treat up in good ol’ ghee. About 2-3 tablespoons. DSCF3587 Grate chocolate and mini cube cheese. Stir eggs and add moo moo juice. Melt ghee in a nice NORMAL frying pan. Not icky teflon as this is a no-stick recipe anyhoo and teflon is the Devil. When the ghee is up to a medium hot heat (a sizzle, not a Smokey the Bear alert), add egg mixture. Add in a wee bit of salt…like WEE. Baby pinch it – think salted chocolate bars and you get the picture. Sprinkle grated chocolate on the egg pancake and then plop on cheese bits. As soon as you are done, cover it and turn off heat for 7 to 10 minutes. REALLY. This way you don’t burn your chocolate and you get the perfect rolly polly omelette. Check it after 7 minutes and if it needs more, blast it with heat for 30 seconds and then turn it off again and wait 3 payday loan minutes. You don’t want a browned crisp dealio. You want it soft and rolly and oozey and gooey. instant payday network TRUST ME. DSCF3601 SEE! No brown! Except inside….OoOooOoOoOo. I was wary, but this creation is truly full-on sickness. SO DELISH! SO UNIQUE! SO INSANE! And so amped up. I would not advise anyone on eating one of these alone. Share it with a pal. If you are a solo playa, then cut the chocolate in half so you don’t end up too buzzed. I mean, Jon and I split one and hiked for like 4 hours after. Good but WAY VA VA VOOM! Do NOT eat this past 3 pm instant payday loans unless you wanna be up all night. IT WAS SOOOOOOOO DELECTABLE AND RICH AND DEEP AND instant cash EARTHY AND ETHEREAL!!!!! I now make them weekly. DSCF3608 CHOCOLATE and CHEESE! HEAVEN! STYLEFIENDSdec04 To end, here is my first drawing of The Beckermans couture from back in 2004 for PAPER MAGAZINE. The sunshine-strewn, rainbow-splashed pom-pom fiesta dress (on the left OBVIOUSLY) stunned me. The Dagwood sammich seemed like the perfect accessory. Can you not GET OVER that dress???? AHHHHHHHHHHH STYLE FO’ EVER!!!!! Thank you BEAUTIFUL BECKERMANS!