Hi there, fellow Yummsters! OK, for today’s EVERYDAY YUM, I have 2 simple and SUBLIME items of deliciousness. A sick rainbow-themed Prada instant payday loans online Fur coat and a surprise

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of simplicity, a boatload of sauteed cremini mushrooms to top on your FAVE local PIZZA PIE! WHAT? Woah… I do indeed know how this may seem a bit TOO SIMPLE, but infact, it is genius if I do say so myself. I mean, REALLY FOLKS, it’s hard to maintain in this hazy holiday fuzz. So why not cut yourself some slack and just order a super yum pizza pie (you must say “pizza pie,” not just “pizza” or the yum diminishes)?? But wait up, guild that pizza pie with a topping of your ace payday loans choice. Do NOT rely on the pizza pie palace to use FAB toppings that are up to your YUM standards, as most do not. How about grass fed beef? Organic spinach? Or best ever, criminally good cremini ‘shrooms?!!! DING DING DING! I choose the later. Slice up about a pound of good organic creminis into NYC pizzeria slices (as in very thin). Yes, I did say a pound, as it’s your party so why not really hit it? Saute the fungal suckas in 2 tablespoons of ghee and a national payday loan wee bit of NON-VIRGIN olive oil… the virgin’s direct payday lenders not good for sauteing. Add in a HOT PEPPER if you desire. I chose a wikked, nuclear-red-hot Cherry Bomb. Call in your pizza pie… I went with Santa Fe’s own Upper Crust and purchased a large Margarita on gluten free crust. Yes,

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I roll gluten free these days – actually grain free but that is indeed another blog. Whilst you wait for said YUM, cook up your mushy balls in a good CAST IRON SKILLET about 8 minutes on a medium flame. DING DONG! Pay the pizza pie person. Note that I didn’t say PIZZA MAN or BOY… I am getting so friggin PC yo. Top with earthy creminis and VOILA! NYC mushroom delight. Really, as an ex-New Yawker I truly miss how they HEAP on the mushy mushy. Ahhh, NYC you do have some fine PIZZA PIE! Onwards and upwards to the Prada SS 2014 FUR! Yes, it is divine and yes, I did just about plotz payday loans las vegas when I peeked at this Prada collection. paydayadvanceusca.com REALLY WAY CRAY AMAZE! The furs are not dreary or payday loans in maryland heavy…the complete opposite. I fell hard for the rainbow strewn one. It feels all MOD but sorta 70’s too. Like apply now weird, rich hippy, but not creepy (as paydayadvanceusca hippy and creepy can be synonymous). The entire collection is payday 2 hacks tweeked! I actually decided to create (instead of style) the polka payday loans online no credit check dot boots and leave her in the Prada runway dress, as it was so truly perfect for the look. So my dream YUM is this trippin’ coat, and online payday loan to eat my dream slice sporting this coat would online payday loans be SICKNESS!!!! Now that’s a full-on freak-out. Prada on ‘shrooms baby! DSCF3393