YES, it IS Vivienne Westwood!!! And yes, I could NOT decide which collection to feature… her RED (shown in London SS 2014) or GOLD (Paris SS 2014)? I mean, WOAH NELLY, homegirl was cold buggin’ on both.

Be it place. My, perfume. I burn I once percentage I?

Paris was way more tweaked a la punk-etheric-faerie-mud-splattered-Little Bo Peep and London was payday loans completelee undead Marie Antoinette on a bender or in a blender. I opted for classic Westwood, the aformentioned RED collection. Less “THIS IS ART” and more “I WANT IT NOW, I’ll wear it to tea or cocktails or Whole foods!” I also kept payday meme her “RUNWAY” make-up on… I really love what they did. Zombie chic for your inner and outer freak! I changed her hair tho, but aside from that, this IS the look from the catwalk. I literally HUNGER for this frock! Westwood will always be the reigning Queen payday loans milwaukee of True Punk Rock Balls… brillz coupled with scrumptious confections of couture. Now that’s a combo payday loans online I can sink my teeth into! DSCF3037 As for teeth, you won’t need any for today’s EVERYDAY YUM as I decided to go slow and smooth with a nice, alkalizing fruit shake payday loans online for breaky. I mean, HELLO, it is HOLIDAY SEASON! We need payday 2 cheats to balance the richness and decadence with some clean fare. Plus this shake is DIVINE. Get out your Vitamix (or go buy one…serious…I’m not playin’) and chop 1 comice pear (all fruit organic if you can), 1 fuji apple, 1/2 a bag of frozen cherries (I dig Whole Foods brand – wow, I’m a friggin’ Whole Foods infomercial), 1 avocado, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and 2 tablespoons coconut oil castle payday (I love Jarrow Formulas extra virgin coconut oil)… but you will need to ice pick it out – I use a fork and a meat tenderizer to knock out a coupla big chunky wunks. It’s a good online payday loans cooking coconut oil like Nutiva but I prefer it for smoothies as it is yummier. Lastly, add about a cup and a half of water and whir it up. Use more water if you wanna sip it, but I like to “eat” my shakes with a spoon or spork. There you go, quick and healthy perfection with your blue visage and fab Westwood schmata. You are ready to kick it up wikked mad royal zombie girl stylee!