TIGER SWEATSHIRT by Kenzo EARRING by Lanvin Welly Welly Welly… MORE YUM for your TUM! It has BEGUN. I decided to go with, DRUMROLL, The Kenzo tiger sweatshirt!!!!! AND YES, I do in fact realize how utterly trendilicous this is, and you know what? I don’t care!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT and I want it, so VOILA, it has become the style piece of today’s YUM. YUM!!! Plus a online payday loan Tutti Frutti earring by Lanvin (she gave the other one to her bestie and now they both sport the cooler than cool, single earring in an oh-so-chic-it-actually- HURTS way!) DSCF2835 But payday 2 wiki whattabout SNACKIE??? Oh yes oh yum, this one is SPICY ICY and very NICIE! Check it out… sit down cuz it’s a wikked payday loans online rad sitch. Braised baby beet greens payday loans online with red chile granita!!!! RIGHT??? Fire meets Ice!!!! I have NEVER done anything like this and to be honest, I payday 2 would do it again in a heartbeat. You just braise up your greens instant payday network (if you do not have baby beet tops, try baby rainbow payday loans direct lender chard, but http://paydayadvanceusca.com/apply.html let’s keep it in the BABY way), squeeze some super yum lemon juice (to taste), plus my fave Maldon crunchy salt and a splish-splash of good olive oil. paydayadvanceusca.com Top with a teaspoon or 2 of the castle payday granita and OH MY you have arrived! No wait… you say you don’t get how to do the red chile granita?? No probs Bob. You just get your frozen bag of red chile and let it thaw in the ez payday loans fridge for an hour or two and then scoop up the granita-like snow

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cone of capsicum. WHAT? Well that’s what I did. ace payday loans If your really wanna make it from scratch, I would freeze the red chiles in an ice cube tray and then plop ’em in a ziploc, and give it a hardy wallop (think meat tenderizer) to desired consistency. If project payday they are

too hard to crush, let ’em sit out at room temp for an hour-ish and by then they will prolly be payday parfait. Eat as an amuse bouche or elegant side, it REALLY is a pissa. Do try this one… online payday loans full-on, freakout WOW appeal. DUDE, I soooo want that sweater!!!