SWEATER by E Tautz (SS 2014, London) SEQUINED DESTROYED JEANS by Ashish (SS 2014, London) FLIP FLOPS: Model’s Own OK, as you who

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know this blog have already figured out, YES, I drew my husband Jonny for today’s EVERYDAY YUM! Why? Well, sometimes my styling prowess just oozes out to those I know, and I cannot HELP but fantasy style my friends and familia. Plus, HOW SICK would it be to have a hot guy in SEQUINED JEANS to oggle? I mean, c’mon folks, Ashish is STILL this talented, collection after collection??? May I repeat, SEQUINED JEANS=JEANUSH!!! OK, and the sweater by kookoo E Tautz methinks is the cherry on top. I went MAD for LONDON yet again. England is kicking it MAJ in 2014. DELISH STYLE to go with this DELISH and SIMPLE dish.. YUMA11-27-13 Winter saute with brusskies or brussballs

(AKA brussel sprouts), carrot, purple bok choy, onion, broccoli, and a garnish of avocado and raw red bell pepper dice. Cut ’em chop ’em (I slice up the brussballs into wafers and decimate the broccoli so it’s like broccoli confetti) and saute this medley of mad fun in organic, extra-virign coconut oil (I like Nutiva) and grass fed unsalted butter. It’s done when you like the color and texture of the veggies. Season only with fat-ass, chunky grey celtic sea salt. I coupled this with roast chicken (left-over?! HOLLA!) with a toss of red chile powder from Dixon, NM. Good DAY-GLOW red. AHHHHHHH, super yums for breaky. Perfecto with SICK AS BLEEP SEQUINED JEANS!