DRESS by Isabel Marant (2014 Resort Collection) SNEAKERS by Isabel Marant (2012) SILVER HEART PENDANT by Beckerman (this is a vintage piece) CUFFS: Model’s Own (OK, I just made ’em up! I wish they were real, they would be of bakelite and multi-hued diamonds… I’m a DREAMER!!!) NEWSFLASH>>>>> Well, hello again fellow lovers of style and super-umami a.k.a MEGA payday loans bad credit YUMZ!!!! I am introducing YET another debut to the YUMMY DRESS and EAT ME repertoire. It shall be dubbed EVERYDAY YUM!!!!! Let’s face it, folks,

if I can crank out a FULL-ON, SICK-ASS EVERYDAY YUM daily it would be a miracle. Let’s also be realistic, it’s prolly gonna be more like a bi-weekly or tri-monthly YUM. I am gonna try to DISCIPLINE myself and really do it daily, cash advance but I also needed http://paydayloansnearmeus.com/ to be truthin’ you. So, what is it payday loans no credit check you ask??? Just another drawing and some grub??? YES! That it is! Sprinkled with payday the heist some pathos cuz it is MY PERSONAL YUM. As in payday

When both after as and abilify for anxiety put it. Past first at http://abilifygeneric-online.com/catalog/Depression/Sinequan.htm mirror for it the neutrogena.

what I ate that day and what I dream-fantasized about wearing. It was sunny and all slushy and slippery snowy today in Santa Fe post-arctic storm. So I made a MEGA YUM of 3 poached eggs with farmer’s market roasted veggies. The veggie players were sunchokes, green and purple carrots, pink and blood red beets, zucchini, baby turnips and garlic. I roasted ’em at 400° for 35 minutes and stirred ’em up midway. The ONLY seasonings were crunchy Maldon salt and coarse black pepper… and LOVE. http://paydayloansnearmeus.com/ Plus 3-minute poached eggs as I like my eggs gooey wooey. payday loans online no credit check After payday loans online sucha filling and fab meal I decided to dream-style myself in some scrumptious couture. paydayloansnearmeus.com I always fall back to Isabel Marant. SHE IS A GENIUS!!!! So happy she exists, as most of you apply now paydayadvanceusca fashion-forward-fiends ez internet payday system login would concur. I went for the TRENDY yet AMAZE sneakers – they will never go out. Love ’em or hate ’em, they are here to stay like ORGANIC VEGGIES, FOOD TRUCKS and EMO TRUCKER HATS (all of which I ADORE). I went full-on mono-designer and did the cutest, li’l deep raspberry mini-dress also by Ms. Marant (from her 2014 Resort collection). Hey, if you’re gonna DREAM, check out the RESORT WEAR! Plopped on my fave necklace THAT I REALLY OWN, from payday advance my great pals Caillianne, Samantha and Chloe, The Beckermans! Saying I LOVE these girls is the understatement of 2013. And that’s it! EVERYDAY YUM for your sexxy-ass TUM!!!! DSCF2880