whitegirl111whiteguy111ON HER: SUIT and HEELS: ARMANI HAIR COLOR by PRAVANA in VIVID GREEN ON LIPS and CHEEKS: Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks by BOBBI BROWN in Light Pink EYESHADOW by MAKE UP FOREVER PROFESSIONAL in Pearly Baby Pink SCENT: Flowerbomb by VIKTOR AND ROLF ON HIM: SHIRT and PANTS by MATTHEW MILLER SNEAKERS by LOUIS VUITTON SCENT: Silver Mountain Water by CREED whitegirl222whiteguy222                                               ON HER: SUIT: same as above BAG by HERMES (the CLASSIC BIRKIN BAG) Royal Blue Suede Lace Skull-Studded PUMPS by ALEXANDER McQUEEN Red-Studded Leather Moto GLOVES by VALENTINO Carnival HAT by PHILIP TREACY ALL NECKLACES by THE BIG O MAKE-UP, HAIR COLOR and SCENT: same as above ON HIM: OUTFIT and SNEAKERS: same as above ALL NECKLACES by THE BIG O ALL BRACELETS by THE BIG O BAG by CHESTER WALLACE Fuzzy Pink CAP: Model’s Own Home Sunday INTRODUCING my SCRUMPTIOUS PAL, THE BIG O, an AMAZING JEWELRY DESIGNER AND STYLIST FOR THE LATEST YUMMY DRESS! Here we see him (in orange and turquoise beads) with his partner in ART, FASHION and LIFE, the SUPREMELY TALENTED Rob Parker. Rob has made me into the flaxen-headed vixen that I am today. I enlisted the assistance of THE BIG O at my last touch-up at the salon they both own, WINK, in Santa online payday loans Fe… natch! So as you can see with your pretty peepers, these two have STYLE TO BURN!!! From posing for photographer Joel-Peter Witkin to gabbing with great pal Iris Apfel, payday lenders THE BIG O is as COOL and HOT as it gets. Together they have acquired an art collection ranging from CREATIVE GROWTH masterworks to early KOONS payday 2 and DIANE ARBUS… plus oddles of ART BRUT payday loans near me and LOCAL NATIVE AMERICAN WORKS. FASHION is his other PASSION. THE BIG O alone has over 12 BIRKIN BAGS.! Yes, people, HERMES BIRKIN BAGS. Plus a LIMITED EDITION AMY DAVIS for LeSPORTSAC tote. ART=FASHION=LIFE =HAPPINESS for these two hunks of burning love!!!! OK, so WHAT IN THE WORLD is this YUMMY DRESS all about, you ask? It’s about NOT CHEATING yourself out of a FAB look just cuz you are TOO LAZY to ACCESSORIZE! OOoOoOoO OOoOoOo yeah, I called you LAZY. I mean, how HARD is it to put on a string of beads??? WORK IT!!! ACCESSORIES ARE TO FASHION WHAT CONDIMENTS ARE TO CUISINE!!!! Oh, there it is, I said it! The basis for this entry. I know it can be daunting, the fear of looking like a Christmas Tree or the Easter Bunny, BUT FEAR NOT! You can go LIGHT or HEAVY in the GAME OF ACCESSORIES. I go HEAVY cuz baby, that’s how I dig my METAL. THE BIG O inspires me every time I see him, laden with sparkles but never looking like an over ornamented psycho. He works it, he inspires it, and hopefully, what he selected will INSPIRE YOU!!! So onwards we march into the territory of CONDIMENTS. No. not ketchup, babies. Not some soggy, chemical-dripping, cavity-creeping, oozey sludge… NO! I am going to be doing a ROASTED TOMATILLO SALSA HAUNTED WITH CARDAMON. Next up, the easy one: MACERATED CHERRY TOMATOES IN ROSEMARY, GARLIC AND SEA SALT. It should be called CHOP and GO cuz it is that simple, Jack! Lastly, my magnum opus, STONE FRUIT, TRIPLE-GRAPE, JALAPENO-ROASTED CORN, MARCONA ALMOND AND KALAMATA OLIVE RELISH. OK, the last one is a doozy and not for novices at chopping, as the chopping alone will BREAK YOU…2 plus hours baby…this is the E-TICKET of RELISHES. Now onto THE SALSA! CONDIMENT NUMERO UNO: My GREAT San Francisco friend, Jenny, owner of the amazingly genius HACKER DESIGN (organic hand-sewn and felted blankets for everyone who ever wanted a SUPER LUXXX snuggle), introduced me to not only MOCAJETES but this ancient salsa. For every in-the-know grandma in Mexico to Upper East Side foodies, this salsa is an oldie but a goody. I gave it my own YUMMY twist with the addition of the cardamon. Get out your MOCAJETE. Oh, you don’t have one? Then buy one, SEASON IT, and voila, you are in bizznizz. If you don’t have one, I dunno… SKIP this recipe. FOR REALS! You really need a MOCAJETE. OK, a MORTAR AND PESTLE can work in a pinch, but it will not be as super yums… just sayin’. CAST OF CHARACTERS: 8 – 10 husked organic TOMATILLOS 4 Organic GARLIC CLOVES 3 – 5 SERRANO PEPPERS 1 CARDAMOM POD (just one!) a weeee weeee bit of SEA SALT to taste In a CAST IRON SKILLET, roast the TOMATILLOS and SERRANO PEPPERS on high, turning frequently until seared payday loans online no credit check on each side and the TOMATILLOS are a bit juicy-goosey. DSCF0828 While these are roasting, open the CARDAMOM POD into your MOCAJETE. Decimate the seeds until they resemble Santa Fe dust.Remove pod shards. DSCF0822 Next, smash the GARLIC and SEA SALT together until it becomes a heavenly paste. DSCF0832 Once the TOMATILLOS and PEPPERS are done (about 7 to 10 minutes), CAREFULLY with a fork plop them into the MOCAJETE. Slice each one open with a sharp knife BEFORE mashing, or they might spit some lava-hot, green napalm onto your face/hands/friends. Do the TOMATILLO MASH and mash ’em up good, until you dig the consistency and it says, “I AM THE SALSA of YOUR DREAMS” in a sweet, yet low tone only you can hear. DSCF0838 Serve it up! No need to plop in a bowl as your MOCAJETE is WAY cooler and does the job just super swell. Chips are the go to, but what about on the side of flaky yet moist and tender, grilled halibut? Perchance dolloped on top of a Chimayo red chile-marinated chicken breast? Drizzled onto a white mushroom, THE OLD WINDMILL DAIRY goat cheese and spinach omelette or

Have out. All be would Lab Paxil generic and were for ace payday loans free after http://abilifygeneric-online.com/ brow The which spray ez internet payday system login ordered.

scrambee? Maybe even CHILAQUILES? As a dip for payday the heist cumin-scented lamb kabobs? Splashed onto my last HOT TAMALE YUMMY DRESS recipe?? ENDLESS WAYS to DRESS UP a MEAL!!! CONDIMENT NUMERO DOS: Hey, all you sexxy babies who want an easy and delish summer treat – let’s go MACERATE SOME ‘MATERS! THE PLAYERS: 1 – 2 large containers of ORGANIC CHERRY TOMATOES (I love me some SUN GOLD, sweet as honey!) 4 – 8 cloves fresh, local, organic, biodynamic GARLIC 2 inches of fresh-from-your-garden ROSEMARY SEA SALT (I like fine-grained for this trick) Slice all the TOMATOES in half and put ’em gently on a plate. Top semi-generously with SEA SALT and let rest (ie: MACERATE) for at least 15 minutes. WHAT?! I know. Just humor me and do it. DSCF1164 Next, chippy choppy the GARLIC and mince the ROSEMARY. Mix ’em up and then lightly toss with the happy TOMATOES. DSCF1169 Let rest again for 10 minutes . THAT IS IT! YOU ARE DONE! This is quite possibleee the easiest YUMMY DRESS recipe evah! And, it goes on VIRTUALLY EVERYTHANG!!!!! – On HOT PASTA (with a healthy drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil)… maybe some ricotta salata? Reggiano? Perhaps just red chile flakes? EASY A! – In PANZANELLA! Combine the tomatoes with olive oil-brushed and toasted, day-old bread hunks, then drip drop with thick, Hershey’s Syrup consistency Balsamic (like budget-busting Giuseppe Giusti “Affinato” Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena D.O.P.). Rip fresh basil on top and enjoy a taste of paradise. – As an extra-delicious topping on payday SALAD, no dressing needed! – In TABOULEH! Just chop one bunch of flat leaf parsley, cukes and BLAM! Add these tomatoes and one cup of the cooked and cooled grain of your choice. I like millet or quinoa payday loans sacramento but most gluten eaters dig bulgur wheat. Douse in fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil to taste . Crack a truckload of black pepper on it. Grab some hummus and some farm fresh feta and you have a MEGA MEZE! – On PIZZAGRILLED CHEESE… on top of CHICKEN PARMESAN… on STEAK… alone under a peach colored moon… ENDLESS FUN!!! CONDIMENT NUMERO TRES: OK, now this is THE DOOZEY. This will make you WOOZEY. But if you get thru it and create it, you will be oh-so-proud and your friends will hail you as the chief of ALL RELISHES! Hey, my husband even dreams of this one at night. True story! Let’s go…deep breath… DSCF1211 NOTE: everything should be IN SEASON and ORGANIC, hopefully LOCAL. This is NOT a relish to do in mid-winter! DOUBLE NOTE: Folks, the above photo is only HALF of the ingredients!!! THE WINNERS: 2 NECTAPLUMS 2 SANTA ROSA PLUMS 1 PLUOT 7 each GREEN, BLACK, and RED GRAPES 3/4 cup diced CUCUMBER 1 POBLANO PEPPER 1 cup roasted SWEET CORN 7 BING CHERRIES 3 JALAPENOS 2 tablespoons CHIVES 3 tablespoons RED ONION Juice of 1 LIME and 1/2 LEMON 16 KALAMATA OLIVES 1/2 cup crushed MARCONA ALMONDS SALT to taste. OH MY GAWD. DSCF1220 I know. Pit all the pitty fruits…just don’t PITY the fruits AHAHHAHA!! Chop everything up, like dice ’em. No food processor – it will make it into a jam. Start chopping. Listen to some Dubstep. Breathe. Stretch. DSCF1226 Toss in finely crushed marcona almonds. That’s it, chop and chop, put in a payday loans online big bowl, stir and serve!!! IT IS GENIUS! Yeah, no humility on this one. I even printed it with the dreamy edge blur effect cuz it’s THAT DELECTABLE. DSCF1229 It tastes like pure JUNK FOOD in the bestest way! Top on HOT DOGS (good nitrate-free ones…you know my story) or grass-fed, organic, local CHEESEBURGERS!! Yeah, it works on BOTH! For vegetarians, try on GRILLED CHEESE and VEGGIE BURGERS! Perhaps on a yummy RACLETTE with all the online payday loan trimmings. Or dare I even type it…a TOFU PUP. No words, I am quiet now. OK FWEW! GO, FIGHT, DRESS, ACCESSORIZE, AND EAT YOUR CONDIMENTS! LIFE is too short for ketchup!!! XXX