Apple-print dress by HELL BUNNY

Apple clutch by ANYA HINDMARCH

FORFEX X SANRIO collabo 50th Anniversary sneakers (circa 2011)


It’s been quite some time since I have yummed it up!!!!


Well, OK, I got a big, weirdo, awesome tattoo and that sorta slowed me down. I HAD to cover up that tramp stamp from 20 years ago…OY to the VEY.

Folks, we almost moved to OJAI!!! It’s pretty but… wait, lemme just break it down yo.

Jonny and I have come back to the sun-splashed, sparkling, deep blue skies and crispy clean thin air of Santa Fe after a  year-long stint in the verdant and fresh-baked, blueberry pop tart-scented Napa Valley.

REALLY, during crush, the grapes all ripen into a bubbly, hot mess of raisin-dipped, sugar heaven. Every mile the land changes and so does the sweet scent. It’s WILD and prolly my fave memory of life in the Valley. Think punk rock Falcon Crest without the cool 80’s hair.

A couple of Cali stand outs:
The Shed in Healdsburg was an inspiration. Owners Cindy Daniel and Doug Lipton knocked it outta the park!!! Billed as a modern grange hall, it is a real-deal, truly unique foodie heaven, chock full of epicurean crack at every turn, from a fermentation bar that serves up in-house concocted and waaay brillz seasonal shrubs, kefirs, plus local wines and fresh-baked goodies by genius baker Lora Zarubin! Plus there are incredible classes and fresh-milled grains and… and… so much more I could do a whole blog on ’em! This is BAR NONE the BEST reason to visit the Alexander Valley.

Down in the bubbling Bay Area in Frisky Frisco (yeah I said Frisco…HA HA! SUE ME!) there is the glittering gem Tartine . The BEST Lemon Tart. The BEST EVERYTHING. Baking as art, TRUTH as BREAD. Worth waiting in the snaking line of North Face clad techies and old skool Mission punks. S U B L I M E.

Fog-kissed, jasmine and bay laurel-scented Northern California was amazing and inspiring and so SOOOO much.

But it wasn’t home.

Now I am HOME, homies, and I have a quickie fun yum one for you!

Backstory required tho… I got a letter from my pal, Monte Cazazza. Yes, THAT “Monte”… artist and, in my humble opinion (and many others), creator of INDUSTRIAL MUSIC… period. He was all, “Amy, I love Yummy Dress! Do more!” He told me about his popcorn-filled exploding turkey for one Thanksgiving (really pissed off his parents), and he really helped me get me back into the YUM saddle and strap on the YUMMY JAMMY!!! So I say a big, juicy, medium rare THANK YOU, MONTE!!!

Here we go….fasten your seat belts!


Yes, perfect-O for this early winter season. Plus it’s EASY PEEZY!!!

4 Pippin apples (or Winesap…or any tart, sweet, crisp ones you enjoy)
2″ knob of fresh ginger (BTW, I love saying “knob” in cooking, even more than “dollop”)
red chile to taste ( Preferably New Mexican and from Chimayo)
cinnamon to taste
1 half-stick of cold, unsalted butter
1 cup almond flour
2/3 cup blue corn meal
1 teaspoon baking powder
pink salt (yeah, that Himalayan stuff)
juice of one BIG lemon
2-4 tablespoons of maple syrup or honey plus enuff hot water to create 2/3’s cup syrup

(Nerdy dietary comment: this dish is gluten-free and cane sugar-free.)

I’m like SO SURE you could use maple sugar or coconut sugar to taste if you wanted to instead. I just like my stuff all gooey, yo.

Preheat oven to 375° (remember, I am at 7500 feet so…mebbe adjust for sea level by deleting it down to 360°?)


Chop apples and toss with a squeeze of lemon and spices. I mean, dude man, you can add ground cloves and nutmeg instead of chile… I mean FREE COUNTRY! Set aside in a nice pretty bowl. BOWL MUST BE PRETTY or this dish will actually suck, REALLY! No not really, but it does help. Mix almond flour, blue corn meal, pink salt and baking powder. Set aside again in a very pretty bowl.


Cut in the butter with a knife or fork and then mush it up with your fingers. Just swoozzle and sqweegle it around until it becomes a crumbly, bumpy situation in the bowl. Do this for at least 5 minutes. Create YUM syrup by heating up lemon juice, hot water and sweetener of choice into a simple syrupesque sticky situation.

Toss apples and spices, making sure to be thinking of Bette Davis. You should have one of her films on (I say ALL ABOUT EVE for this recipe) or be listening to the tune “Bette Davis Eyes.” The latter won’t work as well, though. You must infuse the bake with Bette!

Add spiced apples to a buttered 8″ dish. Top with half the lemony syrup. Just pour it on, no need to swoozle it around. Top with crumbly flour mix. Drizzle the rest of the sticky syrup. Tent lightly with parchment, NOT FOIL. I know I went off on foil before, but if you don’t recall the horrors of foil, google it.
Bake for 1 hour. Remove tent half-way thru.


Let sit 5 minutes and then SCOOP it up and eat with fresh whipped cream or don’t …it’s your life! DO NOT TOP WITH ICE CREAM. Unless you live in Honolulu or Florida. You do NOT need to chill down your system in winter with cold stuff. REALLY. Avoid ICY stuff until spring and you’ll be golden. Ignore this Ayurvedic rant at your own risk.

Enjoy first thing in the morning with hot chocolate (ooh I have a great recipe for that too..with Ashwagandha even!). Or coffee. Or afternoonie with yumz puerh tea or a matcha goat milk latte. Or a nice JUICY FAT ASS CHARBONO from Calistoga (this wine is very Italian Stallion YUM)

Best vineyard in Napa Valley???? In my not so humble opinion, Lava Vine. The Chenin Blanc was ambrosia, nectar of the angels. AND I despise white wine! So go figure.

Best Vineyard in Alexander Valley AKA ZINLANDIA???? Medlock Ames – organic sans hippy.

EAT DRINK SING ROCK and buckle up….Tee hee!

High Desert Huggumz!


introducing EVERYTHING AMY

introducing EVERYTHING AMY

WHAT THE???? Yup, my butt! BUTT WHY you query??? WHY!!! And HOW did you get it so…BIG??? Well my latest blog, EVERYTHING AMY, will address all these relevant topics and more. It just dropped like it’s wicked hot and I wanted to tell all you Yumsters to give it a wee peekie. Just poke the EVERYTHING AMY at the top of the YUMMY DRESS page. It’s ALL about, well, ME. EVERYTHING AMY!!!!!! Self absorption is SO UNDERRATED.



Green Cable Knit sweater by Martin Margiela Pre Fall 2015 Hey there Hi there Ho there! Yes fellow YUMSTERS, it has been a loooooong while and the irony of EVERYDAY YUM is not lost on yours truly. Jonny and I moved on from sunny and sweaty South Florida, as our time was up, and we plopped down in the teeny tiny spa town of Calistoga, smack dab in the Napa Valley. Land of grapes and geysers. Scents of clean bay, sweet jasmine and deep eucalyptus toss around your nostrils as you while your days through vineyards and wee organic farm stands. It is idyllic. When the crush happens in October, the valley is drowned in the aroma of hot, sugary, blueberry pop tarts. The mustard flowers grow acid yellow come winter and the hills are covered in bright, day-glo, matcha green baby grasses thanks to the winter showers. That green tea hue is, in fact, the inspiration of this YUM. I whipped up a Dandelion Greens pesto for dinner one night and it really did the trick. Raw and righteous, it is the perfect pick-me-up for the chilly shorter days. Toss it with pasta or use as a dip or a bed for eggy wegs. Mix it with rice for a gluten-free yum. It is REALLY QUITE AMAZING! Onwards…here is a shot of Jon with the young, under-age grass. No this ain’t Napa, it’s gorgeous Point Reyes Station. All of California seems to be dusted in this crazy color and I like that just fine!

1228141506bRAW AND RIGHTEOUS DANDELION GREENS PESTO PRESTO! (serves 4) 1 bunch Dandelion Greens…local and organic natch. 11 cloves garlic or less if you dig vampires a pinch of sea salt to taste Juice of 1 lemon 1/4 cup olive oil 1/5 cup water (or as much as you need to get that classic pesto-licious consistency) 11 roasted and salted mac nuts (so OK SUE ME it’s not entirely RAW…whateves) 1/4 cup RAW pumpkin seeds (I use GO RAW exclusively…raw and sprouted and all that hippy crap) Add everything except the wah wah to your Vitamix Blender. Whir for 5 seconds. Add half the wah wah. Whir for 5 seconds. Push it all down with a big old wooden spoon or that weird black pusher thing that comes with the Vitamix. Whir, add wah, whir, add wah. When it looks like pesto and tastes like pesto, VOILA IT IS PESTO! Toss with pasta of your choice. I did farro twirlies…I think that is the correct Italian name. Top with red pepper if you are a spicy meatball and enjoy! I like this with SEXUAL CHOCOLATE by SLO DOWN WINES, my fave red in California. Not exclusively a Napa wine, it’s a concoction of grapes from Sonoma, Santa Barbara and good ol’ Napa (50% Syrah, 40% Zinfandel, 8% Petit Sirah and 2% Petit Verdot). SUPER DUPER YUM as the wine snobs like to say! LIVE LOVE LAFF EXPLORE and EAT YO GREENS! XO




kawaii2   HOLA !!! ALOHAS!!! And HELLO Yummy Yummy sweetarts and lovers! I’m BAAAACK after quite a LOOOoooOooOong hiatus… you may have been wonderin’ “What is UP with YUMMY DRESS?” Well let’s just onlinepaydayloansusca.com say YUMMY is now in the tropics… South Florida to be exact! Right? From wikked hot, red chile and pinon-scented deep azure skies to Tupelo honey drizzled day dreams and salty sea breezes! LIFE is all about change! FLUX me UP! ONWARDS…. I drew a fabtastique cut-off tee by the beyond GENIUS team over at Nikki Lipstick – for girls and boys who wanna have FUN and baby, I am ALWAYS up for payday FUN! Plus, they smoosh up cute AND sick. I love me some sizzling cray cray Kawaii couture overload, so this tee just sang to moi. PANCAKES! Okay, mind you, not as CUTE or Kawaii as said tee but hey, the word “PANCAKES” definitely strikes a fun food chord, no? FLAP JACKS – even cuter! FLAPCAKES or PANJACKS… lemme chill. Well, these are gluten free and methinks grain free as I waffle (AH HA get it?? Waffle!) on if quinoa is actually a grain. http://paydayloansonlinecaus.com/ The base payday flours are quinoa and coconut so they are PRIMAL albeit not PALEO… but we don’t subscribe to any of that, do we??? FLAPCAKES 2/3 a cuppa quinoa flour (yeah organic) 1/3 a cuppa coconut flour (ditto above and organic it up for all below yums) 1 cuppa milk or if you wanna be exxtra decadent , 2/3’s a cuppa half and half and 1/3 a cuppa water. 1 teaspoonie non-aluminum baking powder a pinchie pinch of good salt (like the payday loan Himalayan pink, fine grain) 2 tablespoons ghee 2 eggs (farm fresh!) at room temperature Combine all dry ingredients and mix well instant payday network in a nice Kawaii stylee cutie funster bowl:) Melt ghee into the milk or half and half mixture by heating it all up VERY SLOWLY on a VERY LOW heat. This takes at least 7 minutes. Be patient and pop on some old skool Cibo Matto and smear payday 2 wiki on some blue lipstick to uber

But makeup dermotologist my my. Not Emsam The why. Like bit tried. These http://abilifygeneric-online.com/catalog/Depression/Zoloft.htm hair your lost. It on friends.

Kawaii yourself! Yes boys, you too! NO BLACK EMO EYELINER THOUGH!! It must be sparkleee and in the color scheme of Jordan Almonds. Let’s keep it happycore hmmmmm? Woah…ok where wuz I? Oh yes, by now you are all Easter egg-hued, glittery and ready to stir up that milky gheelicious potion. Take it off the LOW heat and test the hotness with your clean finger. C’mon I know you have ONE. Crack them eggs into the mixture, but make sure it’s just a bit warmer than tepid as you don’t wanna be making no scrambled eggs when you plop them single-celled things in. WOW, http://paydayadvanceusca.com/ that was a pretty yuck paragraph for such a YUM dish. Pour the wet mess of love out from the pot and into a bowl. Stir it all up and start adding the dry goods to the liquidee ones a coupla tablespoons at a time, mixing like a Harajuku banshee the whole time. As soon as it is an ideal FLAPCAKE consistency, stop adding the dry. Heat up some ghee or coconut oil in a pan (I do a mix of both). Make sure it is medium high but not smoke alarm high. Ladle the batter into the pan and let the magic begin! I would do a peek test to see how everything’s cooking, but as these are not true PANCAKES, the “when it direct lenders payday loans gets bubbles on top” onlinepaydayloansusca.com apply rule does not apply. Flip payday loans las vegas and cook another coupla minutes. I ‘d say at least 2 minutes per side depending on if you are at sea level or not. The higher up you are, the longer you will cook ’em. Top with beurre of your choosing (you know I likes the grass fed stylee) and some crunchy sea salt (Maldon anyone?). Do that syrup thang if you are so inclined. BON SUPER CUTE payday 2 masks APPETIT! DSCF5752



THE BECKERMANS!!!!! The twin sisters have styled themselves as they do daily, and it inspired the above portrait… Here’s what they are sportin’! ON CAILLIANNE (left): Rodarte leather fringe vest -Mickey Mouse H&M leggin’s –Balenciaga bag and shoes –Starbucks grande green tea with matcha and soy on ice ON SAMANTHA (right): -sequined Marc Jacobs Mickey Mouse sweatshirt –Balenciaga blouse (silver-tipped underneath) -plastic Marc Jacobs garbage bag skirt -white Marques Almeida shoes –Proenza bag -vintage pearl sunnies (model’s own) Challo fellow holiday yum yum pals. For this YUMMY DRESS, I drew 2 of my FAVE style Icons, Caillianne and Samantha Beckerman, of the payday loan infamous BECKERMANS!!! Yes, you in the “know” know exactly who I am speaking of, and those who do not, get ready for a taste of pure, original, gorgeous, inspired genius. I peeped my first Beckermans piece back in 2004 and knew I had to draw it for PAPER MAGAZINE. It was a delightful confection of a dress. Yes, how many times have you heard fashion folks say “CONFECTION?” But this time it really was an apt description. The dress was like a party of pom-poms and color, all cut with precision so it never looked costumey or garish, just scrumdillicious and brillz. A hard feat! So I drew it, and when it went to press, I called ’em up and told them about it and BOOM BABY, a great friendship was born. I have followed them since and even though they have retired from showing, they are styling and blogging like champs!!! They started an online fashion blog in 2009 called Beckerman Blog, a daily hit of best payday loans their style avec them hosting red carpet events, Fashion Week coverage, and working with huge houses doing collabos. From being flown to Paris to cover Isabel Marant for H&M to being full-on H&M ambassadors, they have hosted countless events and blogged for the rad brand. They have also live-hosted the 2013 Much Music Video Awards (hey, they are from Toronto!), promoted countless charity projects (can you say Stop Hunger campaign with Michael Kors, Bulgari’s Save The Children, and Ralph Lauren’s Pink Pony T-shirt Campaign with Ralph Lauren himself?), and spread the LOVE and STYLE thick like butter on hot crunchy toast. There is SO MUCH MORE to mench!!! From DVF to Nine West, from Rebecca Minkoff to Maison Martin Margiela, they have been a part of it all, even squeezing in time for a custom Beckermans T-shirt and bag line for Uniqlo (the MAKE UP MONSTER and POPCORN MONSTER TEEs ARE AMAZE!!!). These girls are young, supremely talented, fabulously hard-working, and wikked fun-loving. I do indeed LOVE THE BECKERMANS and

Slightly around me now this generic abilify longer moisture product always and.

feel in a world where sometimes it’s hard to

find magic, these ladies are steeped in it. Pure and simple, joy and day-glo rainbows. Golden locks and debit card payday loans cherry lips are de riguer for these chocolate luvin blondes! HEY, now that’s a segue if I ever heard one! I told Sam and Cailli about the idea of a Chocolate Omelette to go with their portrait. They both gushed YES as we are all chocoholics payday loans (moi aussi). The idea of the Chocolate Omelette came alive when my honey Jon said, hey what about a chocolate omelette? Can you make it? I was titillated, my synapses firing on overdrive… I said YES. Lemme just mull it over for payday 2 hacks a day. Then like a blitzkrieg of fire and electricity, I had it! 100% dark chocolate and rich creamy cheese – that way it wouldn’t be cloying or nauseating. I menched this recipe to 4 people. 2 were repulsed and 2 totally got it. They understood the relationship of eggy wegs and rich cocoa-love, enrobed in a cheesy kiss. Very pan au chocolat sans the pan. But as with most great artists, I too, want, need, desire polarization. So LOVE IT or HATE it…HERE it COMES!!! THE CHOCOLATE OMELETTE!!!! (hold appaluse until the end of the show) DSCF3566 The cast is simple albeit talented. The rich fresh milk was backstage primping with the ghee and missed this photo op…but they are in the show. It’s just 100% dark chocolate from France… I would recommend only Francois Pralus. Real cream overdose http://onlinepaydayloansusca.com/apply.html mouth feel, and that’s sayin’ mucho for 100% choco, baby. No grit, all love. I used about 1 oz. (about 1/3 of a bar). And I got WAY BUZZED. Cut back if you are not a chocoholic. 3 eggs (good ones from your neighbors chickens and at room temp or close to) 1/4 cup of grass fed fresh WHOLE FAT milk. I dig Kalona SuperNatural brand. RAW Boorenkaas cheese from Holland… the Dutch get it. Or any good melty-mild but not tangy cheese. I used a coupla oz. Remember, with an omelette, it’s payday loans in las vegas like a painting – you decide the amount you desire. Ghee! Oh yes, cook this treat up in good ol’ ghee. About 2-3 tablespoons. DSCF3587 Grate chocolate and mini cube cheese. Stir eggs and add moo moo juice. Melt ghee in a nice NORMAL frying pan. Not icky teflon as this is a no-stick recipe anyhoo and teflon is the Devil. When the ghee is up to a medium hot heat (a sizzle, not a Smokey the Bear alert), add egg mixture. Add in a wee bit of salt…like WEE. Baby pinch it – think salted chocolate bars and you get the picture. Sprinkle grated chocolate on the egg pancake and then plop on cheese bits. As soon as you are done, cover it and turn off heat for 7 to 10 minutes. REALLY. This way you don’t burn your chocolate and you get the perfect rolly polly omelette. Check it after 7 minutes and if it needs more, blast it with heat for 30 seconds and then turn it off again and wait 3 payday loan minutes. You don’t want a browned crisp dealio. You want it soft and rolly and oozey and gooey. instant payday network TRUST ME. DSCF3601 SEE! No brown! Except inside….OoOooOoOoOo. I was wary, but this creation is truly full-on sickness. SO DELISH! SO UNIQUE! SO INSANE! And so amped up. I would not advise anyone on eating one of these alone. Share it with a pal. If you are a solo playa, then cut the chocolate in half so you don’t end up too buzzed. I mean, Jon and I split one and hiked for like 4 hours after. Good but WAY VA VA VOOM! Do NOT eat this past 3 pm instant payday loans unless you wanna be up all night. IT WAS SOOOOOOOO DELECTABLE AND RICH AND DEEP AND instant cash EARTHY AND ETHEREAL!!!!! I now make them weekly. DSCF3608 CHOCOLATE and CHEESE! HEAVEN! STYLEFIENDSdec04 To end, here is my first drawing of The Beckermans couture from back in 2004 for PAPER MAGAZINE. The sunshine-strewn, rainbow-splashed pom-pom fiesta dress (on the left OBVIOUSLY) stunned me. The Dagwood sammich seemed like the perfect accessory. Can you not GET OVER that dress???? AHHHHHHHHHHH STYLE FO’ EVER!!!!! Thank you BEAUTIFUL BECKERMANS!