I am freaking out!!!


OH MAH GAWD!!!! I am, or rather, I was FULL-ON FREAKING OUT a few weeks ago.

I had become drenched in oogy boogey insecurity as I had ambled into some rather unflattering lighting…and decided to stay and stare… for way too long.

NO BIGGIE you smirk?? Actually HELLA BIGGIE. And I hearby proclaim:


AHHH youth…why the obsession? As you can see in the  above tap dance leotard-clad shot, I was a wicked cute kid. Not model perfect, but hecka weird and goofy and full-on nerdcore. I was oblivious to beauty and glamour and ran freely thru the woods, returning blissed-out and covered in blackberry scratches and ticks, feeling happy and barely bugged by the wee vampires.

FAST FORWARD to insane day:

I  went into a plastic surgery center… OK, a laser procedure center and signed up to get Fraxel.

WHAT THE HEY! I did it… how unlike me. No research… just go for it.

That, my friends, is one cavalier idiotic move.

I mean, I do have some spots and my eye bags are extreeemlee bothersome and… and…


I then researched the stuff.

Do you know they have SUPPORT GROUPS for laser victims??? I know about the plastic fantastic fuck-ups, but LASER? People went on and on about how their skin morphed into the texture of orange peels and how the deep laser pinholes never healed and created so many hideous infections… dying skin… rotting skin… skin falling off… WHAT!!!! OH HELLS NO.

For the price of the “Procedure,” I could bug-the-bleep-out on skin care (and even save buckage).

I haven’t really amped up my  beauty process in quite a spell and y’know, that’s what this blog is all about: AMPING IT THE HECK UP!

I quickly cancelled the sci-fi zap-a-thon and indulged in some real creamy, dreamy visage tweeking.


If I hadn’t realized how gung ho I was on a REAL GROWED UP  procedure, I woulda never researched OR treated myself to these products… and…


I mean really FRIGGIN WORKED!!!!!!!

Here is my personal go to:

Cleanser: EVE LOM avec muslin cleansing cloths. Genius. You know EVE LOM and if you don’t, meet your new best friend.

Day cream/Sunscreen: ReVive intensite creme lustre day SPF 30… cost as much as rent… worth it, pour moi.

Night cream (I switch it up yo)… here are my top 3:

JAN MARINI age intervention retinol plus… my first RETINOL experience – IT WORKS.

EVAN HEALY whipped shea butter with olive leaf… HEALTHY and delish. The road to dewy.

RODIN olio lusso luxxx face oil. This stuff is ama-zine… pure jasmine oil with some other blossoms smashed in.

Also, my scrubbly scrub is my own concoction of raw honey and ground quinoa. Every 2 days.

A volcanic ash mud mask from the healing earth of magical Indian Springs Calistoga. Weekly.



Yes moolah wise, it was a FRACTION of FRAXEL… get it?

I learned how fragile I am. My old is nemesis VANITY, BAD MEAN EVIL UGLY VANITY. Not good cool GO FOR IT SELF LUV. You know the diff and the former is a bitter muthafuk.

SO the moral of the story is WATCH THE HECK OUT FOR LASERS!

And you can always look fab for virtually no cha chinga… with some honey and quinoa… and that shea butter… that’s the budget take away, NO EXCUSES!

Really, aren’t we ALL worth it!??

Hugs and dewy cheeks for all!





Happiness is tight…



I love this. I know the REAL phase and it’s whatever. But HAPPINESS IS TIGHT is just so full-on sweet and real yo. I saw this on a rad pick-up parked on the main street of Calistoga and had to grab up a snappy snap. Could this be my theme today? Yup!

So onwards to a happy-fueled day and later, very good toothpaste.

The mustard is in full-bloom and the thick winter fog was lifting so it was my cue to grab Jon and get the heck out yonder and explore. I mean, a day with no plans but to follow your nose is so wicked-ass magical.


Above: Pose-a-thon at DEAN AND DELUCA.

My look today was very Norwegian explorer on ACID. This is an easy go to, and for some reason, I’ve been rocking the mopsy-flopsy, tweeked hiker deal almost daily. It’s comfy with just the right amount of insane.

I love MAST BROTHERS from Brooklyn. They are superb chocolatiers and have created a slew of scrumptious bars with only cacao and sugar. Some have added natural flavors (think Stumptown coffee and smoke) or opt for the maple sugar instead of cane sugar version. A stand-out is the Vanilla & Smoke. They are all about the beans, OBVI, and create specialty ORIGIN bars. From Peru to Papua New Guinea, Belize to The Dominican Republic and even the far away, extreme and exotic… Brooklyn, these bearded bro’s create some of the best chocolate I have ever had, and I have had A LOT.


Above: Muggin’ with the MAST BROTHERS confections.

After getting our cacao buzz on, we headed out to NAPA-Town.

There, we popped into OXBOW PUBLIC MARKET, a full-on mecca of foodie booths and yums galore.

That was when… it HAPPENED. I got Photobombed!!!!

It was hella exciting cuz it was my first image bombing incident, EVER.

CLIFF (aka The “BOMB BOY”) also let us taste one of the cool, creamilicious smoothies he had just concocted… Almond-milky-laced banana action. SUPER YUM!!!!



If you notice, I am holding my FAVE salt EVER from JACOBSEN SALT CO. These peeps started harvesting salt from the clean and green Oregon coast a few years ago, asking the question, “Why is there no GOOD salt from America?”

I mean there is a big fat ton of sel gris from France and the ubiquitous, hipster flake-out salt MALDON (my old fave) from England. What about OUR salt, man?!

USA!!! USA!!!

Enter the folks at JACOBSEN. I grabbed the ghost chile one and frankly, it was not THAT hot. I guess I am still a New Mexican when it comes to spice. But who cares, THE SALT IS INSANE! The quality is ba-fukkin-nanas, and like MALDON, it is made out of pyramidy crystals. Unlike Maldon, it is transparent and tastes like a sloppy kiss from a drunken mermaid.

I made it over to OXBOW CHEESE & WINE MERCHANT where I was completely hit in the face with a full-on STYLE FIEND! Actually, I had spotted this particular Fiend weeks ago during a jaunt to Whole Foods where I was picking up Ubiqunol and persimmons.

He had on the same twisted, iridescent, Warhol-wig-silver NIKES and I had to approach. Sweet, fashion-forward DAN GRAHAM is also an up and coming comedian and completely into ponchos for 2015 in a non-ironic way. LOVE IT! Plus we both rock transparent glasses, a beyond cool optic statement.


above: Working a complete woodsman-hippy-crystal-power-monger look. NIKE HOLOGRAPHIC TRAINERS make it all so surreal and just plain HAPPY.


above: OXBOW PRODUCE & GROCERY is the yummiest veggie shop in all of the Valley. Jon grabbed some roots and  I scooped up 3 pounds of truffles to go… hey we have a cooler and I’m using artistic license.


Above: MmMmmMmm black fungal beauties and all legal. What a DEAL!? Right!

We bid Napa-Town adieu and headed out to Geyserville to see what the wee Sonoma hamlet had crack-a-lackin’.

I traipsed into GIN’GILLI’S, a Jordan Almond-hued, wack-a-doodle home, vintage furniture, duds and lotsa cray shop. Basically, a bug-out of art brute-dusted kitsch. HEAVEN!

I found this DEVO-inspired knitted hat. I mean WHAT IS GOING ON!?!! How could this be??? Who made this? It’s not CREATIVE GROWTH, but, ’nuff said. GENIUS! MAD GENIUS!


above: Grabbing it up, much to Jon’s chagrin. Tee hee!

Before the day was up, we stopped at THE SHED in Healdsburg, to get some ANSON MILLS oatmeal and pose with a toy grey fox.

THE SHED is one of my favorite spots in Sonoma. It is, bar none, the chicest haven for foodies and cooks and heck, anyone who wants to actually drench themselves in fab architecture, eat unique and incredible yums galore and suck down some fresh-made kefir at their Fermentation Bar. They bill it as a Modern Grange, and it is everything GOOD about California.

Now onto ANSON MILLS… THEE North Carolina grain gurus.

I’m tawkin’ heirloom grains, fresh-milled of course. I have NEVER tasted oatmeal like this manna from paradise. Old skool varieties? CHECK. I still must try the Appalachian heirloom sweet popping corn, the Laurel-aged Charleston gold rice and the Colonial style artisan whole wheat grain flour. If you bake, try these flours. If you eat, try these grains.


above: Working it at THE SHED with my schmancy oatmeal and toy fox.




Yup, it’s not an EVERYTHING AMY without some kind of freaky-ass health tip.

I discovered two new chomper care products… NO WAIT! Three! Yup three. And my toofusus have never been more HAPPY!

OK, so check them outie. One is Oxygenated Olive Oil that you smear all over your gums before you floss. What the? I know… do it, tho’. AMAZE! It’s PUR O3 TOOTH AND GUM SUPPORT. Sounds so weird and IT IS! But this so works and I will never brush without it ever again.

Next up is the toothpaste and this one is the best I have ever tried. It’s by DENTAL HERB COMPANY and it’s called Tooth & Gums Paste. These molar men need to jazz-up their product names, right? I would call it, SUPER TEETH BOOM! Cuz that’s what it does. It gives you SUPER TEETH and makes you run around smiling at everyone and proclaiming BOOM!

The last one is a Tooth Soap. I know. Weird. But you use just ONE DROP. Actually, it’s called JUST ONE DROP. No wait, no. It’s called ONE DROP ONLY dental soap & tooth elixir. This one is on the metaphysical, energetic-healing side of the tracks. It dropped straight from Xanudu. Rainbows and Unicorns. YUP! I am full-on stoked and into the vibes, babies. The goo is energized with… and now I must quote them:

“An alchemical blend of organic essential oils, Himalayan salt solution, flower essences, gem elixirs & planetary essences in a mineral rich soap” YUP!

PLANETARY ESSENCES! All gongs and faeries aside, this stuff TOTALLY works. BOOM again.

That’s all folks!

Hope you enjoy your grains, salts, chocolates, truffles, Devo hats, and mostly, I hope you brush up and SMILE at STRANGERS cuz it totally freaks ’em out.




The time is now…The NOW is here!


Hiya, Amy Davis here and sometimes in life you just have to go for it and do something completely outside your comfort zone. Something that stops time and starts your engine, embraces that BE HERE NOW ethic, and is so nerdy it’s actually wicked cool. Welcome to my latest blog…wait for it…EVERYTHING AMY! Yup. I am EVERYTHING AMY. Like every wee nano detail of my life that I’m into or obsessing on at the moment. Like a teenage diary, like a whisper, like the glitter tarnished nightmares of time whizzing by and leaving you cold and alone and forgotten. NAW!! Actually more like an ego freak-out… a megalomaniac’s sick dream… an only child’s candy-dipped playground of ID and EGO. WELCOME BABIES!

Today I just got finished doing some showbiz stuff that isn’t that interesting. So let’s discuss rad as heck TWG teas and later my butt. As 2015 rolled around, I realized, as a full-on, hyperspazz, that I needed to chill-out, S L O W D O W N and get my shit together (putting the kibosh on waking up at noon and dancing and singing and basically raging ’til 4 am).

We, myself and my sexxxy hubbie, Jon Moritsugu (UNDERGROUND FILM GOD…yeah that one ) moved to Calistoga in the Napa Valley to live “The Real Life” after a 5-year spell in sunny Santa Fe. Manifest Destiny in GOLDEN CALIFORNIA, where we fell in love 25 years ago on the set of MOD FUCK EXPLOSION. We came out to study food and go to all the hip parties in Frisco, hang with our old pals, shake our tail feathers in LA LA LAND, make connects and just be FULL-ON BALLIN’ PLAYAS!!!! I mean Santa Fe is gorgeous, but really, how can you “go for it” OUT THERE, right? WRONG.

California is beautiful but it is also truly a part of the “Fast World.” Which is sorta what we signed on for, right? WHOOOOOPS! We realized we just could not handle it. It’s just too FAST! Even in teeny, tiny, bucolic wine county.

We live in this 325 sq. ft. rental with a futon and LOVE the wild tangled tree- house vibe with vineyard and mountain views… mist and sea fog in the morning and sun-drenched oaks dripping with Spanish moss and ancient memories… redwoods and palm trees and jasmine and bay laurel. All of this is wonderful and magical and completely wrong for us. Know thyself…some old school dude said that, right?

New Mexico, the so-called Land Of Entrapment, did indeed live up to it’s name. There is no way we can live on this Earth without the sweet, deep, cinnamon-esque scent of pinon smoke and minty sage wafting through the cool, crisp, high desert air. The sky, so dark blue it seems to be made out of crushed sapphires… bright, spicy, green chile and earthy deep Chimayo red…  dreamy, melty adobes… and lets not even get into the nightly sparkle fest of the milky way and shooting stars.

I was so confused by our move back to California that I full-on fell into a lazy, spacey sleep pattern. Enter rad black teas and exit coffee and booze. The latter also completely affected my slumber and mood. I love BEER (New Mexico’s La Cumbre is the best I have sipped, bar none. And that includes all the Sours from Belgium, Brown ales from Brooklyn and yes, you too, Pliney-the-overrated Elder). I’m unimpressed with most wines out here (altho Sexual Chocolate did tickle my inner wino tastebuds). Alas, drinking so late and before bed just messed me up too hard. My eyes got puffy and so did my tummy. So I just deleted both java and hooch and suddenly I was rising at 7AM and petering out at 10PM. For reals, 10 pm! I luv it. I AM AN OFFICIAL SEMI-EARLY BIRD YO!

So onwards to the land of smokey leaves and chocolate-laced brews. TWG was a brand I had heard about but really thought nada of as I was not a black tea drinker.

My gorgeous colon hydrotherapist, AKA The Health Queen (who also inspired this blog), only drinks  black tea, no Joe, and is sans booze and looks like a radiant beacon of health and yum. Oh yeah, did I just mench that I am fully into colonics, another recent discovery? DO TRY (unless you have Crohn’s Disease or Colitis, then avoid as it ain’t for you baby)! I go to Fountain of Health out in SacMo. But if you are healthy enough and find a good solid place, get your pipes cleaned and flossed, people. You will not believe the results. I had been hearing about colonics for years from a great actor friend in Los Angeles and I wrote him off as being way to ass-obsessed. Now I know just how right homeboy was. It’s not only a weight thing, but an actual soul-clearing, major health tonic and reboot on so many levels. Yeah I just said “soul-clearing”…deal.

So TWG. This Singapore-based company has been roasting up leaves since 1837 and it just called to me during a recent jaunt to Dean and Deluca. The packaging got me plus the yum scent. I am hooked on New York Breakfast and Jon is smitten with Tea Party Tea. The NY breaky just brims with smokey deep Assam and chocolate and Tea Party has a malted caramel sitch going on. Both sublime. Both 30 bux each for just under 4 ounces…WHAT?! I know. I know. But I can sleep at night and get buzzed in the day. Perfection.0114151456

Above shot: my kitchen-living room-bedroom-dining room-art studio. Plus the two aforementioned teas.

Besides TWG, I am also wicked into Mountain Rose teas. ALL ORGANIC and all wild-harvested. Total fancy hippy style. Check out the green rooibos. AMAZE!

On to my BOOTY. As a chick of 46 I am all about keeping my butt UP. I have always had some major junk in the trunk for my size (a wee 5’2″) and let’s just say each year it gotten a bit “less up” and more “lunar landscape.” But I found a work-out that works! Brazilian Butt Lift by those muscleheads at Beach Body and OH-MAH-GAWD. No words. My butt is on the way to the anti-gravity chamber.


Check it.

So there you have it, a wee taste of my latest obsessions. ME ME ME!!!! A duh!  It will always be ALL about me. What a statement! Own it, yo. If you are self-centered, OWN IT! If you are vain, OWN IT! If you wanna talk about your booty (inside and out), OWN IT! Own it all ‘cuz life whizzes by and the world doesn’t stop for timid souls.

You are here to shine and rock and be amazing and be the best that you can.


Let the GOOF LOOSE!!!!!!